Integral Support LTD is dedicated to providing aircrafts, engines and spare parts for sale or lease to customers on a timely and cost-effective basis. Integral Support LTD offers a wide range of aftermarket commercial aircrafts, engines and spare parts to passenger and cargo operators around the world, and we are continually adding additional aircrafts, engines and spare parts to our sales & lease portfolio.

Integral Support LTD has vast knowledge in contracts, lease start and lease returns.

Customers, who lease or buy from Integral Support LTD, also enjoy the full strength and depth of our maintenance, engineering, and spares support.  With ever expanding global coverage we are ready to support you.

Integral Support LTD  delivers expertise in the following areas:

Financial structuring of aircrafts, engines and inventory leasing transactions for airlines. Developing specialized financing arrangements for aircrafts, engines and inventory transactions

Delivering reliable asset management and technical services on behalf of aircraft co-investment partners

Actively managing existing aircraft and engine leasing portfolio.